The Enfield Poltergeist


Due to SKY Living HD Showing there take on the Enfield poltergeist we thought we would add a story and some truth to the matter.

In 1977 a family who lived in a council house in Enfield, UK, began a terrifying ordeal when a Poltergeist took over their lives. The phenomena experienced included knocking on the walls, furniture moving, fires igniting and a child levitating.

The family consisted of divorcee Margaret Hodgson and her four children: Margaret aged 12, Janet 11, Johnny 10 and Billy 7. The paranormal activity started one night, when the two girls were in bed, a chest of drawers started shuffling forwards, towards them. Their Mother went upstairs to see what the commotion was, the girls were told to get back into bed and stop messing about. With that, the chest of drawers suddenly lurched forwards. The Mother pushed it back in place only for the chest to immediately move forwards again!

Utterly desperate, Peggy called in the Society for Psychical Research, who sent two members, Guy Lyon Playfair,
the Cambridge-educated author of several books about psychic phenomena, and businessman Maurice Grosse to investigate.

Guy’s first experience with the Enfield Poltergeist was when a marble appeared from thin air and dropped at his feet on the floor. Over a period of 14 months he visited the house almost 120 times, with the ghost being quiet sometimes and on other visits it would be very active.


There are the accusations that the Hodgson family were making an elaborate hoax, and Playfair and Grosse were simply dismissed as gullible.

Janet admitted in a TV interview during the 1980 that she and her siblings had tried to fake some happenings, ‘about two per cent’ because they felt pressured when so many visitors came to the house expecting to see something.

284 Green street is still standing and no subsequent tenants reported any unusual happenings so we may never really know the truth.