An Autistic Mans Struggle Living in The UK


Having Asperger syndrome in the uk is looked at almost like being a criminal, we have to keep hearing everyday how the UK helps disabled people and cant do enough for them yet the truth is being arrested and locked away from society eyes all the time. In the UK the name autism is thrown about like the state understands the condition but when you show any signs like lack of communication or social phobia and dont meet there “specialists” you are seen to be deliberately dodging there so called “help” for example if you need to see a doctor how do you go about that with all the people in the waiting room and receptionist ? another example is when driving in my car and i get stopped by the police in so called “routine stops” and you cant deal with all the questions and the amount of information you need to give in this so called free country and are seen as not cooperating and spend 24 hours in a cell like an animal just for having autism how do the state have the front to say this is help?. Also having dyslexia all the forms you have to fill in with no help and the punishments dished out if you do not conform this also means you cant chat online or in reality all results in a life long exclusion from society.

Thanks for all the help Britain (NOT)