British in poverty whilst Foreign Aid will cost us £62 billion in five short years


In the five years that the Cameron government has ruled Britain a record number of people are now classed as in poverty.

Cameron had done little for the average British household other than cut public services and welfare help to the most needy.

Nearly 2 million British households are now in poverty with an estimated one in four children in such households by 2021.

During Cameron’s reign we have seen the rich grow richer by staggering levels, with the warnings being given that the so called Middle Classes are being so pressured financially that the majority face slipping also into the poverty gap.

Cameron’s government has benefited nobody other than the rich and some in his economic zone of London and the Home Counties.

But if we consider what is going on as bad enough, then heaven help us in the next term of government, because the Tories have already warned of massive cuts in funding public services and as we all know welfare will be near non-existent.

Heaven help anyone who becomes unemployed, sick or disabled.

As Scrooge indicated in Charles Dickens famous book, if the prisons and workhouses are all fall then left the poor die and decrease the surplus population.

The millionaires in the Westminster village Labour party also plan massive cuts but they say it will be done over a longer period.

Now that makes you feel better doesn’t it.

Britain is in a mess financially. So many people are so poorly paid that many workers no longer pay tax, yet because they are poorly paid they receive Working Tax Credits to top up their incomes to keep their heads a float.

However, Iain Duncan-Smith’s bombshell – Universal Credits, which will we are told help target the money to the neediest will only help some with many finding what they received in Working Tax Credits no longer given under the new doomed scheme.

The Tories nor Labour if they gain control have enough income coming in via workers paying income tax.

The simplest means of repaying our large national deficit quickly without hurting Britain’s people is the massive slashing of the Foreign Aid budget which is £12.4 billion a year. Five years of most of that cut would clear the national debt.

Such prudent action will end the need for the forthcoming Armageddon of cuts in public services and welfare assistance.

Yet it seems that the three main parties are willing to sacrifice the British into poverty whilst shipping billions to corrupt dictators and governments some £62 billion in five short years.