Theresa May is the new Angela Merkel

Merkel has destroyed Germany, now Mrs May intends to bankrupt us, because she can’t make up her mind.

It seems she lied through her teeth, when she said, “BREXIT means BREXIT”

This is the problem of having a ‘Remain’ PM is she might say Brexit means Brexit but she didn’t put  a date on it, she is giving the Remain side further time to organise a stop to us leaving, she is as much a traitor to Britain as Cameron.bnp_theresa_may_0.png

It is interesting to compare the leadership shown by President elect Trump and Prime Minister Theresa May. Elected just over 2 weeks ago Trump is already getting into his stride to lead the nation.

He called in the MSM and by all accounts read the riot act to them because of all the fake news and unashamed bias they showed towards Hilary Clinton.

He has stated he will curtail the lobbyists in Washington D.C.. The term they are using is “draining the swamp”. Compare this with Theresa May, 5 months after the Brexit vote and really the squabbling goes on. Leadership shown, none. Taken on the Remainers in the MSM, especially the BBC, none.

Now whether Trump will turn out to be a good President only time will tell, but let’s hope so. As for the ditherer May it is becoming increasingly clear that the total commitment to Brexit is somewhat lacking.

She now has a powerful ally in President elect Trump. Let’s just hope she does not let the nation down and keep us shackled to the failing EU.

To paraphrase Lord Nelson, “England (Britain) expects the Prime Minister to do her duty”