‘Electric cars’

cc8b55579702772645919ee8b96e602cI see that the mad-house that is the EU have recently put forward a proposal that every new property built henceforth must be fitted with a charging point for electric cars.

This is costing an eye-watering £70,000 per instillation – and our government may well follow their lead for I see that, on a recent visit to Japan, Business Secretary Greg Clark announcing a new £4 million scheme for haulage companies to switch to ’electric’ vehicles.

When making this announcement Mr Clark said…“The electric car revolution is well under way with consumers and this funding will encourage more businesses to consider switching to cleaner vans and trucks”.

All this, is, presumably, to encourage folk to ditch their ‘polluting’ petrol/diesel powered cars in favour of a clean and ‘emissions free’ electric car.

Whilst this may sound a good idea at first glance it is, I am afraid little more than complete and utter nonsense  – in as much as…..

…There is no such thing as an electric car.

In much the same way as there is no such thing as steam engine – for whilst an old locomotive may have made use of steam in order to attain propulsion – the engine was not powered by steam per se but rather by coal.

Likewise a so-called electric car, whist it might make use of electricity in order to attain propulsion – it is not powered by electricity but rather by coal, oil, natural gas or uranium.

This is because electricity, as with steam, is not a source of energy but rather a carrier of energy. Unlike coal, oil, natural gas or uranium, which can be found within the Earth itself, electricity cannot be ‘found’ but rather, it has to be manufactured or generated.

In order so to do then one of the aforementioned sources of true and existing forms of energy viz. coal, oil, natural gas or uranium, must first be used.

This being so, then whilst the so-called electric cars may be pollution free when being driven around the town they nonetheless pollute the environment when the electricity they make use of is generated in perhaps some old, smoke belching coal fired power station just up the road.

As if this were not bad enough, so-called electric cars do, in point of fact, result in more atmospheric pollution than do ordinary petrol or diesel cars.

This is because, when the energy contained within diesel, for example, is converted into electricity then some 30% of the energy, found within the diesel, is lost in the electricity generation process.

By way of a practical example: let us imagine Billy Muggins driving around in his diesel powered car, from which he gets 50 miles to the gallon. However, thinking how much better it would be if he had one of those ’clean’ electric cars, Billy decides to do something about it.

To this end Billy removes the horrible diesel engine from his car and fits a battery and new electric motor and he is all set to go – except, of course, the battery he has is flat – as dead as a Dodo.

In order to charge the battery Billy rigs up a generator to the diesel engine he removed from his car and charging begins.

With his new and ’clean’ electric car Billy drives around town full of the joys of spring – however, his next-door neighbours are furious at all the choking diesel fumes Billy’s generator is spewing forth.

Moreover, and to his dismay, Billy finds that, whereas, he got 50 miles from a  gallon of diesel with his diesel powered car, he now finds that one gallon of diesel only gives him some 35 miles of ’pollution free’ motoring in his electric car.

This is because, and as mentioned, some 30% of the energy found within the gallon of diesel is lost in the electricity generating process.

This being so, so-called electric cars are far more polluting, in the wider sense, than are diesel powered cars.

This being so, then forget converting diesel into electricity and using this electricity to drive a car, as it is much more efficient, and so far less polluting, to simply used the diesel to power the car in the first place.

Bye the bye: exactly the same can be said of hydrogen powered cars in as much as hydrogen, as with electricity, is not a source of energy as it has to be manufactured, as with electricity, using coal, oil, natural gas or uranium.