Mainstream Media Blackout

Riots in Italy, Bulgaria and Greece all in one day!


And none of this is reported in mainstream media. The government is failing the people by not acting.

Britain has a chance to rescue itself if it can make Brexit stick. Hungary stood its ground, but Sweden, Germany, and France have all but surrendered to the invading armies.

The Netherlands and Italy are on the brink of either surrendering in similar fashion, or engaging in all out civil unrest with the invaders.

Sadly, they long ago disarmed themselves and are unprepared to take the fight to them, something they desperately need to do.

If the Italian authorities continue to put up with this type of behaviour by illegal immigrants, then they are bringing it upon themselves.

The entire West controlled by political correctness and a warped notion of tolerance has paralysed entire nations from fighting for their own freedoms and rights to live peacefully. It’s a purposeful tool of war by government against their own people to silence them into submission.

No way in hell should any generational tax payer have to put up with violence, demands, crime, rape, and vandalism from foreigners— but it’s also expected we fund it with our own taxes?

What good is Europe’s military if it is not used to stop a massive invasion?

What good are European governments that are supposed to look out for what is in the best interests of its indigenous peoples, but instead is more concerned about illegal immigrants?

Why should the world be overwhelmed just by whoever reproduces the fastest and most irresponsibly, wiping out all the other unique diverse cultures in the process?

This is nothing compared to what is coming:

But this isn’t about helping the most “refugees”: It is about the Leftist goal to perpetrate genocide upon the Western world and her indigenous peoples.

Nations require borders, Globalism is insane. Create Safe Zones and ship them back.