It’s time to get protected in the UK?


spyIt may seem like a grim future for privacy in the UK. The fight against the Investigatory Powers Act is still not over entirely but one way or another, this is the law of the land. A citizens’ petition secured more than 100,000 signatures to try and instigate a new parliamentary debate but this has not derailed the law.

Several encryption and VPN services have pounced on the news as a means to sway people over to their products. Encrypted email provider ProtonMail for example says its end-to-end encryption service does not fall under the remit of the IPB as it’s based in Switzerland. Anyone in the UK is advised to bulk up on encryption and security if they’re very serious about maintaining a semblance of privacy. Avoiding this new surveillance apparatus entirely is impossible but there are steps to take like using a VPN like Tunnelbear with no UK-based servers, messaging apps like Telegram and Signal, and encrypted cloud storage services like Tresorit.