A disabled couple were sent shocking messages when they enquired about a room to rent in a shared house.

Landlord told couple on benefits to 'stop sucking the life out of this country'


Maria Brindle, 25, and her partner Liam Bellis, 24, had asked the advertiser if he accepted tenants on benefits as they both have ill health.
Maria has been unable to work due to severe back pain, while her boyfriend has Asperger’s syndrome, depression and anxiety.But after asking why they claimed benefits, Kevin Parkes told them to ‘get a job and stop sucking the life out of the country’.

But Kevin claimed Liam, 24, has depression because ‘he has not motivation’ from not having a job and Maria’s bad back was because she ‘doesn’t move all day’.

Landlord told couple on benefits to 'stop sucking the life out of this country'

Maria, from Portsmouth, said: ‘He was asking about what we do for a living and I explained that we receive benefits.

‘When I told him, we received benefits as we were too ill to work he asked us if my partner was going to die in the house, which is a weird question to ask anyway. It was really strange.
‘He doesn’t even know us. It’s discrimination really. Just because we received benefits it doesn’t mean he can speak to us like that.’

‘I have been to the hospital and doctors so many times and they still can’t figure out what is wrong. I take painkillers every day. Some days I can’t even get out of bed.

Landlord told couple on benefits to 'stop sucking the life out of this country'

‘My partner’s Asperger’s syndrome, depression and anxiety means that he can’t go outside and meet new people. He’s been told by the DWP that he can’t work.

‘I haven’t come across any more suitable rooms but I’m going to keep looking. No one will give us a chance.

But Kevin, 32, defended his messages and claimed he refused to work 12 hours a day ‘only for them to ‘expect [him] to pay for [their] roof alongside his’.

The dad-of-two said he refused to claim benefits when he broke his leg because ‘the country is struggling enough as it is’.

He had been advertising the property in Portsmouth for a friend and had been vetting some of the applicants to stop anyone moving in who ‘would not pay the rent’.

‘Many in this country don’t have the same work ethic as my mum or me or others who work hard their whole lives,’ Kevin said.

The full rejection message

‘I’m going to be absolutely blunt and up front right now. You both need to pull yourselves together and stop blaming ill health for your reason not to work.

‘Your boyfriend has depression because he has no motivation as he has nothing to get up for every morning and you have a bad back because you don’t move all day.

‘Do yourselves a favour and stop sucking the life out of this country. I’m not saying this to be hateful or nasty but it’s the truth.

‘Why should I be out of the house 12 hours a day, five days a week and pay for myself to live on this planet when you expect me to pay for your roof alongside mine.

‘If you both pulled your fingers out you might feel better about yourselves and each other.

‘I’ve had my say to help you, not to amuse myself.’


‘A lot of people can’t get off their arses and get to work. People are out there with genuine physical and mental health problems and that’s what the extra money is for.

‘But bone idle and lazy people shouldn’t have it.

‘My friend claims benefits and he has never worked a day in his life. He has seven children and he is still breeding. He says he will keep getting more money and so he will keep on breeding.

Scratch & sniff: Britain tops Europe for cocaine use & gonorrhea cases

5836c6c0c36188af268b4610Britain has been named the European capital of cocaine consumption and gonorrhea, according to a new report.

Research by the European Commission and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) shows the number of young Brits taking cocaine is higher than any other country in the EU.

In Europe the number of adults between the ages of 15 and 34 taking cocaine is just under 2 percent, but in Britain the figure stands at 4.2 percent.

“Cocaine is the most commonly used illicit stimulant in Europe,” the ‘Health At A Glance: Europe 2016’ report says.

“The percentage of young adults consuming cocaine is highest in the United Kingdom, Spain and the Netherlands with 3 percent or more of young adults having used cocaine at least once in the last year.”

In May, London was found to be the highest cocaine-consuming city in Europe, at 909mg per 1,000 people in 2015 (up from 737mg in 2014). The closest usage levels come from Amsterdam, where 642mg of the drug are taken every 1,000 people. However, Europe’s drug monitor noted that, when weekend samples alone are taken into account, London beats all records by consuming 1,044mg of cocaine per 1,000 people.

However, it’s not just drug consumption that Britain outstrips its European neighbors for.

Rates of gonorrhea infections in Britain are 200 percent higher when compared with the EU average. Sixty in every 100,000 Brits were found to suffer from the condition compared to 20 per 100,000 in Europe.

“We need to do more to raise awareness about sexually-transmitted infections and how they can be prevented, especially the effectiveness of using condoms,” said a Department of Health spokesman.

“But we are already seeing progress, as between 2011 and 2015 the number of people attending sexual health services in the UK increased by 28 per cent.”

Earlier this year, medical experts warned Britain was heading towards a “sexual health crisis” as cases of both gonorrhea and syphilis were on the rise.

“The government and local authorities now need to do everything they can to fully fund sexual health services and make STI testing as simple and accessible as possible,” Terence Higgins Trust medical director Dr. Michael Brady said at the time.

“We cannot expect to avoid a sexual health crisis in England unless we invest in effective STI testing, treatment and prevention services in a range of settings, and unless all young people receive mandatory and high quality Sex and Relationships Education in all schools.”

British in poverty whilst Foreign Aid will cost us £62 billion in five short years


In the five years that the Cameron government has ruled Britain a record number of people are now classed as in poverty.

Cameron had done little for the average British household other than cut public services and welfare help to the most needy.

Nearly 2 million British households are now in poverty with an estimated one in four children in such households by 2021.

During Cameron’s reign we have seen the rich grow richer by staggering levels, with the warnings being given that the so called Middle Classes are being so pressured financially that the majority face slipping also into the poverty gap.

Cameron’s government has benefited nobody other than the rich and some in his economic zone of London and the Home Counties.

But if we consider what is going on as bad enough, then heaven help us in the next term of government, because the Tories have already warned of massive cuts in funding public services and as we all know welfare will be near non-existent.

Heaven help anyone who becomes unemployed, sick or disabled.

As Scrooge indicated in Charles Dickens famous book, if the prisons and workhouses are all fall then left the poor die and decrease the surplus population.

The millionaires in the Westminster village Labour party also plan massive cuts but they say it will be done over a longer period.

Now that makes you feel better doesn’t it.

Britain is in a mess financially. So many people are so poorly paid that many workers no longer pay tax, yet because they are poorly paid they receive Working Tax Credits to top up their incomes to keep their heads a float.

However, Iain Duncan-Smith’s bombshell – Universal Credits, which will we are told help target the money to the neediest will only help some with many finding what they received in Working Tax Credits no longer given under the new doomed scheme.

The Tories nor Labour if they gain control have enough income coming in via workers paying income tax.

The simplest means of repaying our large national deficit quickly without hurting Britain’s people is the massive slashing of the Foreign Aid budget which is £12.4 billion a year. Five years of most of that cut would clear the national debt.

Such prudent action will end the need for the forthcoming Armageddon of cuts in public services and welfare assistance.

Yet it seems that the three main parties are willing to sacrifice the British into poverty whilst shipping billions to corrupt dictators and governments some £62 billion in five short years.

Land of hope and glory


While reading through my post today I came across a leaflet from my local council outlining the sacrifices British people have made for the governments uncontrolled immigration policy and this mainly affects the young as you will see in the above picture.

It seems now that young people in this country are being forced to live in shared houses without a hope of ever getting a place of their own as the government has changed housing benefit policy to only allow 25-35 year olds to rent a room in a shared house.


Welcome to Nazi occupied England

Duke of Westminster given millions in public cash for grouse moor – investigation

58135d71c4618892208b4657English grouse moors, including one owned by royalty, have been shored up with millions of pounds in public money despite the climate of austerity.

Thirty of the estates where the birds are raised and shot received £4 million (US$4.85 million) in public cash in 2014, including one owned by the Duke of Westminster.

The duke is the richest landowner in the UK and is worth an estimated £9 billion.

The investigation carried out by Friends of the Earth supports an argument by campaigners who say that grouse farming is damaging to the environment and uses far too much space.

MPs are due to debate the issue on Monday after 120,000 people signed a petition to ban the most common form of grouse shooting.

These shocking new figures reveal the true, horrifying scale of grouse moors in England and the madness of the current farm payments system that subsidizes them,” Guy Shrubsole of Friends of the Earth told the Guardian Friday.

Instead of handing out taxpayers’ money to billionaires and offshore firms to indulge in an elite sport, the government must reform farm payments so public money is spent on public goods – like tree-planting, restoring wildlife habitats, farming sustainably and preventing flooding downstream,” he added.

Other claims include that grouse farming can lead to the illegal killing of birds of prey and legally decimate the populations of stoats and foxes, all of which prey on grouse.


Homeless people told to sleep rough so they qualify for help, charity says

Homeless people in the UK are being told to sleep rough so they can get help from local authorities, a charity has found.

Research by St. Mungo’s found some homeless people who showed up at their local council seeking help were turned away or told to sleep on the streets in order to access services.

Of the 40 homeless people interviewed by St. Mungo’s, some three-quarters said they slept on the street the night after they had asked a council for help.

We decided to go to the local council and they told us that we had to sleep rough for three nights in a row before they could actually do anything to help us. We just felt complete despair,” one person told the charity.


Another St. Mungo’s client spoke of the violence they have experience while sleeping rough.

I’ve been beaten up quite a few times sleeping in doorways, or even in cars,” the person said.

They smash the window in on top of you, spit on you, urinate on you, try and set you on fire. I’ve had all of those things happen to me.”

The report found that 129 rough sleepers have died in London since 2010 and a quarter of the people interviewed reported being physically assaulted.

There has been a 30 percent rise in the number of deaths among rough sleepers in the last year alone.

St. Mungo’s is calling on the national government to fundamentally reform the system to ensure no one is sent away by local authorities when they have nowhere to sleep.

The charity is taking part in a mass lobby of Parliament on Wednesday in support of the Homelessness Reduction Bill, which has its second reading in the House of Commons next Friday.

Too many people are dying on our streets and too many are living with damaging long-term consequences of not having a roof,” St. Mungo’s CEO Howard Sinclair said.

St. Mungo’s believes that the system for assisting people who are at risk of sleeping rough in England requires fundamental reform.