The Hidden Nazi Background Of Walter Hallstein, Founding President Of The Brussels EU Commission

maxresdefaultOne of the curious things about the Brussels EU is that in promoting itself to the world it continually tries to rewrite, or even erase, some of the most important facts about its history. While there are many examples of this, nowhere is it perhaps more apparent than in the image it tries to present of Walter Hallstein, the man who was the first president of the European Commission, the unelected executive body of Europe. Hallstein held this post between 1958 and 1967 and is described on the Brussels EU website as a “visionary leader” and a “diplomatic force” who propelled European integration. However, no mention whatsoever is given by the Brussels EU to the fact that before and during World War Two Hallstein was a member of official Nazi organizations.

For example, the Association of National Socialist German lawyers was founded in 1933, immediately after the Nazis had seized power. In 1936 it was converted into the notorious Nazi Association of Law Protectors. Membership of this second organization was restricted to those individuals showing uncompromising support for, and participation in, the implementation of Nazi ideology. In a memorandum sent by Hallstein to the representative of the Nazi government at the university of Rostock in Germany in 1935, Hallstein stated he was a member of both these organizations.

Mainstream Media Blackout

Riots in Italy, Bulgaria and Greece all in one day!


And none of this is reported in mainstream media. The government is failing the people by not acting.

Britain has a chance to rescue itself if it can make Brexit stick. Hungary stood its ground, but Sweden, Germany, and France have all but surrendered to the invading armies.

The Netherlands and Italy are on the brink of either surrendering in similar fashion, or engaging in all out civil unrest with the invaders.

Sadly, they long ago disarmed themselves and are unprepared to take the fight to them, something they desperately need to do.

If the Italian authorities continue to put up with this type of behaviour by illegal immigrants, then they are bringing it upon themselves.

The entire West controlled by political correctness and a warped notion of tolerance has paralysed entire nations from fighting for their own freedoms and rights to live peacefully. It’s a purposeful tool of war by government against their own people to silence them into submission.

No way in hell should any generational tax payer have to put up with violence, demands, crime, rape, and vandalism from foreigners— but it’s also expected we fund it with our own taxes?

What good is Europe’s military if it is not used to stop a massive invasion?

What good are European governments that are supposed to look out for what is in the best interests of its indigenous peoples, but instead is more concerned about illegal immigrants?

Why should the world be overwhelmed just by whoever reproduces the fastest and most irresponsibly, wiping out all the other unique diverse cultures in the process?

This is nothing compared to what is coming:

But this isn’t about helping the most “refugees”: It is about the Leftist goal to perpetrate genocide upon the Western world and her indigenous peoples.

Nations require borders, Globalism is insane. Create Safe Zones and ship them back.

‘Electric cars’

cc8b55579702772645919ee8b96e602cI see that the mad-house that is the EU have recently put forward a proposal that every new property built henceforth must be fitted with a charging point for electric cars.

This is costing an eye-watering £70,000 per instillation – and our government may well follow their lead for I see that, on a recent visit to Japan, Business Secretary Greg Clark announcing a new £4 million scheme for haulage companies to switch to ’electric’ vehicles.

When making this announcement Mr Clark said…“The electric car revolution is well under way with consumers and this funding will encourage more businesses to consider switching to cleaner vans and trucks”.

All this, is, presumably, to encourage folk to ditch their ‘polluting’ petrol/diesel powered cars in favour of a clean and ‘emissions free’ electric car.

Whilst this may sound a good idea at first glance it is, I am afraid little more than complete and utter nonsense  – in as much as…..

…There is no such thing as an electric car.

In much the same way as there is no such thing as steam engine – for whilst an old locomotive may have made use of steam in order to attain propulsion – the engine was not powered by steam per se but rather by coal.

Likewise a so-called electric car, whist it might make use of electricity in order to attain propulsion – it is not powered by electricity but rather by coal, oil, natural gas or uranium.

This is because electricity, as with steam, is not a source of energy but rather a carrier of energy. Unlike coal, oil, natural gas or uranium, which can be found within the Earth itself, electricity cannot be ‘found’ but rather, it has to be manufactured or generated.

In order so to do then one of the aforementioned sources of true and existing forms of energy viz. coal, oil, natural gas or uranium, must first be used.

This being so, then whilst the so-called electric cars may be pollution free when being driven around the town they nonetheless pollute the environment when the electricity they make use of is generated in perhaps some old, smoke belching coal fired power station just up the road.

As if this were not bad enough, so-called electric cars do, in point of fact, result in more atmospheric pollution than do ordinary petrol or diesel cars.

This is because, when the energy contained within diesel, for example, is converted into electricity then some 30% of the energy, found within the diesel, is lost in the electricity generation process.

By way of a practical example: let us imagine Billy Muggins driving around in his diesel powered car, from which he gets 50 miles to the gallon. However, thinking how much better it would be if he had one of those ’clean’ electric cars, Billy decides to do something about it.

To this end Billy removes the horrible diesel engine from his car and fits a battery and new electric motor and he is all set to go – except, of course, the battery he has is flat – as dead as a Dodo.

In order to charge the battery Billy rigs up a generator to the diesel engine he removed from his car and charging begins.

With his new and ’clean’ electric car Billy drives around town full of the joys of spring – however, his next-door neighbours are furious at all the choking diesel fumes Billy’s generator is spewing forth.

Moreover, and to his dismay, Billy finds that, whereas, he got 50 miles from a  gallon of diesel with his diesel powered car, he now finds that one gallon of diesel only gives him some 35 miles of ’pollution free’ motoring in his electric car.

This is because, and as mentioned, some 30% of the energy found within the gallon of diesel is lost in the electricity generating process.

This being so, so-called electric cars are far more polluting, in the wider sense, than are diesel powered cars.

This being so, then forget converting diesel into electricity and using this electricity to drive a car, as it is much more efficient, and so far less polluting, to simply used the diesel to power the car in the first place.

Bye the bye: exactly the same can be said of hydrogen powered cars in as much as hydrogen, as with electricity, is not a source of energy as it has to be manufactured, as with electricity, using coal, oil, natural gas or uranium.

The Biggest Threat To Civilised Society


An Iraqi refugee who raped a 10-year-old boy at a swimming pool, calling it a “sexual emergency,” has had his conviction overturned after a court in Austria concluded that the 20-year-old attacker may have been unaware the boy did not want to be abused.

The assailant, identified as Amir A., was taken to the Theresienbad pool in Vienna in December of last year as part of the integration process (where these animals are forced onto the general population) into Austrian society. He was also provided with a 15-year-old translator which in its self is suspicious as why was an adult translator not provided as normal procedure?

Once at the pool, Amir A, who had worked as a taxi driver in Iraq, dragged a 10-year-old schoolboy into the changing rooms, locked the door and violently sexually assaulted him.

The boy, known only by his first name, Goran, told a lifeguard he had been attacked, and the police were called. He suffered severe internal injuries and was rushed to a children’s hospital. He is still suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

After the incident, Amir A. reportedly returned to the swimming pool as if nothing had happened, continuing to have fun and using the diving board.

The assailant, who came to Austria via the Balkans in September 2015, confessed to the rape, saying he had acted because of a “sexual emergency” as he had not had sex for four months. When asked if such actions were legal in his home country, he admitted he knew that “such acts were forbidden in any country of the world,”

In June, a court found Amir guilty of grave sexual assault and rape of a minor, and sentenced him to six years in prison. A court awarded the boy’s family €4,730 (US$5,150) in compensation after prosecutors described him as suffering “profound despair,”

But on Thursday, the Supreme Court overturned the verdict and ordered a retrial, Why is it so hard to keep these scum locked up as it would be an Austrian national criminal?

These poor little refugee scum have no place in a civilized western society


Atrazine, which was banned in Europe in 2005 due to its potent properties and harmful effects on animals and humans, has been found in nearly 1 in 6 Americans’ drinking water.

Although the chemical has been used for more than 50 years, evidence continues to pour in that it isn’t safe for human consumption.

When atrazine is found in wildlife refuges, it can be incredibly harmful and is known to feminize several species of wildlife.

For example, the male smallmouth bass, which is incredibly sensitive to pollutants, carries eggs 85% of the time at the Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge, which is known to be contaminated with the chemical.

If a chemical can change the sex of animals that are not already intersex, then one would think that it could be harmful to humans, and that assumption would be correct.

The chemical is known to disrupt endocrine function in human beings, which can lead to a number of health problems.

According to research, exposure to atrazine in utero can cause genital deformation in young boys, including a development of a micropenis, medically known as microphallus.

Other problems that may occur as a result of exposure include reduction in fertility, weight gain, lowering metabolism, ovarian cancer, non-Hodgkins lymphoma, thyroid disorder and hairy cell leukemia.

Atrazine has also been associated with abdominal birth defects, including gastroschisis, a condition in which a child’s intestines grow outside of his or her body.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claims the acceptable level of atrazine in drinking water is 3 drops per an Olympic sized pool, however it is clear that many water companies are getting away with including much more in an effort to save money by not completely filtering their water.

In 2012, Syngenta AG was ordered to pay a settlement of $105 million to filter the chemical from the drinking water of 52 million Americans throughout the midwest.

And since then, 1,085 compensation claims have been made against Syngenta AG over the widespread usage of the chemical.

How can you protect yourself and your family from this dangerous chemical?

Filter your water as much as possible before you allow your family to ingest it. Make sure the filter is certified to remove atrazine before use, and ensure that you do so before both drinking and bathing to keep your water as pure as possible.

Homeless people told to sleep rough so they qualify for help, charity says

Homeless people in the UK are being told to sleep rough so they can get help from local authorities, a charity has found.

Research by St. Mungo’s found some homeless people who showed up at their local council seeking help were turned away or told to sleep on the streets in order to access services.

Of the 40 homeless people interviewed by St. Mungo’s, some three-quarters said they slept on the street the night after they had asked a council for help.

We decided to go to the local council and they told us that we had to sleep rough for three nights in a row before they could actually do anything to help us. We just felt complete despair,” one person told the charity.


Another St. Mungo’s client spoke of the violence they have experience while sleeping rough.

I’ve been beaten up quite a few times sleeping in doorways, or even in cars,” the person said.

They smash the window in on top of you, spit on you, urinate on you, try and set you on fire. I’ve had all of those things happen to me.”

The report found that 129 rough sleepers have died in London since 2010 and a quarter of the people interviewed reported being physically assaulted.

There has been a 30 percent rise in the number of deaths among rough sleepers in the last year alone.

St. Mungo’s is calling on the national government to fundamentally reform the system to ensure no one is sent away by local authorities when they have nowhere to sleep.

The charity is taking part in a mass lobby of Parliament on Wednesday in support of the Homelessness Reduction Bill, which has its second reading in the House of Commons next Friday.

Too many people are dying on our streets and too many are living with damaging long-term consequences of not having a roof,” St. Mungo’s CEO Howard Sinclair said.

St. Mungo’s believes that the system for assisting people who are at risk of sleeping rough in England requires fundamental reform.


4 in 10 Britons living in ‘squalid, below-standard homes,’ claims housing charity

© Neil Hall
More than four in 10 homes in Britain are falling short of an acceptable standard to live in, with many not having hot or cold water and being infested with mold or pests, according to an alarming new report.
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© Phil Noble

Slum conditions return to Britain as housing crisis brings squalor,  exploitation

The housing charity Shelter asked Britons if their homes met a series of conditions which together make up what it calls the “Living Home Standard,” and 43 percent of homes apparently failed the test.

The criteria came up with 39 tests to meet the standard which it divided into five areas – affordability, decent conditions, space, stability and neighborhood.

Nearly a fifth of homes failed the test on a lack of decent conditions.  Some were not structurally sound, many had mold or vermin problems, and some could not be heated safely and effectively.

One in 10 respondents failed to meet the criteria of adequate housing due to instability, with renters on short-term contracts worried they could be kicked out of their homes at short notice.

The research found more than one in four of the almost 2,000 homes surveyed said their homes failed basic standards of affordability, which forced people to have to cut back on essentials like food and heating just to pay their rent or mortgage.

The problem appears to be particularly pronounced in London, where 73 percent said their homes failed the test on some level.

“It is really shocking, and it is up and down the country. Yorkshire is least badly affected – and it’s still one in four,” Shelter’s campaign chief Anne Baxendale told the Independent.

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© Luke MacGregor Tory austerity caused 30% rise in homelessness, parliamentary committee finds

“It affects people living in every kind of home, and people of all ages, but particularly the young. This is the start out in life that we are giving young people.

“We need to say enough is enough, we can’t carry on like this, falling so far short of what we expect of ourselves as a country.”

The charity is calling on the government to put new controls on the standards of homes that are being built, creating safe neighborhoods to live and putting regulations so new homes aren’t so cramped.