Emily Bowen jailed for scarring classmate with acid in row over boy

Pictured: Schoolgirl jailed for scarring classmate with acid in row over boy
Emily Bowen admitted the charges

A teenage schoolgirl who left a classmate scarred after an acid attack has been jailed.

Emily Bowen poured drain cleaner into a viola case owned by school pupil Molly Young after she had found out the girl had started dating a former boyfriend.

The instrument was destroyed and Ms Young was severely injured when she pulled her viola case from a shelf and the acidic liquid poured over her legs.

The victim was left ‘screaming in pain’ as the acidic drain cleaner burned her clothes and onto her skin during the incident at a music room at Knox Academy, in Haddington, East Lothian.

Bowen, now 18, admitted to recklessly and culpably pouring sulphuric acid into a viola case in the knowledge it would be removed from a shelf by the victim causing sulphuric acid to spill onto her legs, all to her injury and permanent disfigurement, at Knox Academy, Haddington, East Lothian, on September 29 last year.

She appeared back at Edinburgh Sheriff Court for sentencing where a sheriff described the acid attack as ‘utterly wicked’.

Pictured: Schoolgirl jailed for scarring classmate with acid in row over boy
Molly Young is still suffering after the incident

Sheriff Michael O’Grady QC said: ‘In the period leading up to these events you actually researched this topic and you of all people should have been aware of the potentially horrendous consequences for any young woman maimed by this mechanism.

‘You have left a young woman to suffer a terrifying ordeal and she will be both physically and mentally scarred for the rest of her life.’

Bowen planned the revenge attack and bought a bottle of drain cleaner online last September and hid it in her school locker.

She then sneaked into the school’s music room where all the pupil’s instruments are stored and poured the drain cleaner – which contained 91% sulphuric acid – into Ms Young’s viola case.

But the plan to destroy her love rival’s instrument went wrong when the acid poured from the case onto the girl’s legs leaving her with horrific injuries and subsequently suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Sheriff O’Grady said he had no option but to jail the 18-year-old acid attacker for 21 months.

Pictured: Schoolgirl jailed for scarring classmate with acid in row over boy
Knox Academy in East Lothian (Picture: Google maps)

He also banned Bowen from contacting her victim after sentencing her to a five year non-harassment order.

The girls were acquaintances and both were members of the East Lothian school’s orchestra before the incident.

Bowen played the clarinet while victim Molly played the viola.

The ‘talented musicians’ fell out when the victim began going out with an ex-partner of the teenage attacker.

Prosecutor Aidan Higgins said both pupils were in sixth year and in the school orchestra at the time of the offence.

HE’LL KILL AGAIN’ Victim’s sister warns American strangler dumped on UK after Brit aides campaigned for his release is still ‘a danger to public’

A KILLER who strangled a girl in the US is now in Britain after parole chiefs ruled he could be freed only if he was deported.

London-born Dempsey Hawkins, 57, spent 38 years in jail after murdering the teenager when he lived in New York.

His supporters included the British Consulate and a Cambridge University criminologist. But his victim’s family blasted the move.

Martin Dempsy

US Murderer Dempsey Hawkins has been released in the UK after parole officers denied his freedom nine times

Victim’s sister told of her fears that the killer will strike again.

Parole chiefs in New York ruled Dempsey Hawkins was not fit to be released there but could be let out on condition he was deported to the UK.

When he was 16 he strangled his 14-year-old girlfriend Susan Jacobson with a shirt and stuffed her body in an oil drum.


Dempsey Hawkins

In 1976, then-16-year-old Dempsey Hawkins strangled his 14-year-old girlfriend Susan Jacobson with a t-shirt and pretended to help her family search for her

He then pretended to help searchers look for her while keeping them from finding her.

London-born Hawkins, who was taken to America when he was six, arrived at Heathrow in January with letters of support from the British Consulate.

Immigration officials handed him a British passport and backers welcomed him with him a copy of Tennis Whites and Teacakes, a collection of poet John Betjeman’s writings.

Cambridge University criminology research associate Dr Ruth Armstrong supported his release and he now works as a server in a Mexican restaurant run by her husband in the city.

But Susan’s sister Barbara Reno told The Sun: “I think he’s very capable of killing again.

Dr Ruth Armstrong

University of Cambridge’s Criminology Research Associate Dr Ruth Armstrong supported Hawkins’ release

“I pray that I’m wrong, that he’s changed and that will make something positive with his life because my sister never got the chance to lead hers. But I’m very fearful that he’ll commit another crime.

“He has a bad soul. He has lied and manipulated from day one. While he was in prison he spun a ‘woe is me’ sob story, as if it was some kind of love story and he was heartbroken.

“He was a very convincing liar. He had us all fooled for so long.

Dempsey Hawkins

Parole chiefs claimed Hawkins’ freedom was ‘incompatible with the welfare and safety of the community’ but eventually decided he could be released on condition he was deported to UK

“We’re concerned about the safety of the people in the community he’s been released into.”

Family friend and retired NYPD cop Mark Corrao added: “This man has been dumped on you people. The family feel powerless. Everyone in the UK should be alerted and know what happened.”

Hawkins, now 57, was Susan’s first boyfriend. But their relationship hit the rocks when Susan, then 13, had an abortion.

On May 15 1976 Hawkins lured her to an underground bunker, killed her and hid the body in a 55-gallon oil barrel.

Dempsey Hawkins

Hawkins lured Susan to an underground bunker and killed her when their relationship hit the rocks after she had an abortion

He diverted investigators away from the scene while pretending to help Susan’s parents and six siblings search for her.

He then fled Staten Island to live with his US Air Force dad in Illinois but was hauled back for trial in February 1979 after her body was finally discovered.

Hawkins was jailed for life with a minimum of 22 years for second degree murder.

Dempsey Hawkins

Hawkins was jailed for life, with a minimum of 22 years

Interviewed in his cell in 2011 he said: “It was a warm day. I had taken off my shirt. With the arm of the shirt, I put it around her neck, as if to kiss her, and I just started squeezing it.”

A panel at Woodbourne Correctional Facility denied him parole nine times after he became eligible in 2000.

They ruled his release would be “incompatible with the welfare and safety of the community”.


Since returning to the UK, London-born Hawkins has been working in the Mexican restaurant owned by Dr Armstrong’s husband

But his fortunes changed when lawyer Issa Kohler-Hausmann, an associate Professor of Law at Yale, took up his case.

She contacted Dr Ruth Armstrong, who has a special interest in the rehabilitation of criminals.

Dr Armstrong arranged for him to meet with workers from Prisoners Abroad, which provides support for convicts deported to Britain.

Dempsey Hawkins

The family of Hawkins’ victim have warned he is still a danger

Last May Hawkins won an appeal court ruling for a new parole hearing. In August he was denied freedom in the US for a tenth time — but the panel said he could be conditionally paroled if he was deported to Britain.

It cited recent good conduct, positive letters from the British Consulate General and support from human rights group Reprieve.

But it also set out why he would not be fit for release in the US.

Dempsey Hawkins

Family friend and retired NYPD cop Mark Corrao claimed everybody in the UK should be warned of Hawkins’ crimes

It said there were “disturbing inconsistencies” in details he had given about the killing.

It added: “In short, you still seem capable of deception regarding criminal thoughts and behaviour.

“Your actions exhibit a cruel deliberation and contempt that prompt us to find that your release in the United States would deprecate the seriousness of the crime as to undermine respect for the law.”

Dempsey Hawkins

There have been claims Hawkins still seemed ‘capable of deception regarding criminal thoughts and behaviour’

Dempsey said: “I’m in a dream state right now. My job is going to be to find a better job. Something to do with writing.”

And he told a male reporter: “If it’s alright with you I would rather not speak about it. I appreciate your questions but I really don’t have anything to say.

“I appreciate you stopping by, it’s always good to see good looking people around here, but I’ve got things to do and really don’t have anything to say.”

Dempsey Hawkins

Hawkins claimed he is now looking for a new job, and wants to do something to do with writing

The New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision and Department of Justice declined to comment on the case.

Ms Kohler-Hausmann, Dr Armstrong and Prisoner’s Abroad all did not respond to requests for comment by The Sun.

But Tory MP Peter Bone told us: “I entirely sympathise with the family of the victim whose view is that he should never be released.”

British in poverty whilst Foreign Aid will cost us £62 billion in five short years


In the five years that the Cameron government has ruled Britain a record number of people are now classed as in poverty.

Cameron had done little for the average British household other than cut public services and welfare help to the most needy.

Nearly 2 million British households are now in poverty with an estimated one in four children in such households by 2021.

During Cameron’s reign we have seen the rich grow richer by staggering levels, with the warnings being given that the so called Middle Classes are being so pressured financially that the majority face slipping also into the poverty gap.

Cameron’s government has benefited nobody other than the rich and some in his economic zone of London and the Home Counties.

But if we consider what is going on as bad enough, then heaven help us in the next term of government, because the Tories have already warned of massive cuts in funding public services and as we all know welfare will be near non-existent.

Heaven help anyone who becomes unemployed, sick or disabled.

As Scrooge indicated in Charles Dickens famous book, if the prisons and workhouses are all fall then left the poor die and decrease the surplus population.

The millionaires in the Westminster village Labour party also plan massive cuts but they say it will be done over a longer period.

Now that makes you feel better doesn’t it.

Britain is in a mess financially. So many people are so poorly paid that many workers no longer pay tax, yet because they are poorly paid they receive Working Tax Credits to top up their incomes to keep their heads a float.

However, Iain Duncan-Smith’s bombshell – Universal Credits, which will we are told help target the money to the neediest will only help some with many finding what they received in Working Tax Credits no longer given under the new doomed scheme.

The Tories nor Labour if they gain control have enough income coming in via workers paying income tax.

The simplest means of repaying our large national deficit quickly without hurting Britain’s people is the massive slashing of the Foreign Aid budget which is £12.4 billion a year. Five years of most of that cut would clear the national debt.

Such prudent action will end the need for the forthcoming Armageddon of cuts in public services and welfare assistance.

Yet it seems that the three main parties are willing to sacrifice the British into poverty whilst shipping billions to corrupt dictators and governments some £62 billion in five short years.

Black lives matter but do white lives matter equally?

Here’s a short quiz with just two questions –

Question 1 – who was Alan Cartwright?

Question 2 – who was Stephen Lawrence?

Clue – both were young men, both brutally murdered by knife attacks in London.

Anyone who hasn’t heard of Stephen Lawrence since he was attacked and killed in 1993, in what has been described as a “racially motivated” attack, must have been living on the Moon.

Because Stephen Lawrence was black the case quickly became a high-profile cause celebre by the race relations industry and assorted enemies of Britain, leading to profound cultural changes to attitudes on “racism” and the police, and to the law and police practice.

In 1999 Sir William Macpherson’s report into the matter was published, delivering what was claimed as a damning assessment of the “institutional racism” within the Metropolitan police and policing generally.

It made 70 recommendations many aimed specifically at improving police attitudes to racism and stressed the importance of (but not the logical reason for) a rapid increase in the numbers of black and Asian police officers.

It also partially revoked the long standing Double Jeopardy law where a person could not be tried more than once for the same offence.

Although the Macpherson enquiry had the appearance of a judicial procedure, it came closer to the Stalinist show trials of the 1930s.

Rules of procedure and evidence were relaxed, and indeed no evidence of “racism” in the police who dealt with the case was ever produced.

Witnesses were harassed by members of the enquiry team and by the crowd in the public gallery.

They were urged to confess their guilt and to repent.

For the last twenty years, the mass media have gone on and on about the case – plays have been written and performed about it, PhD thesis awarded based on it, all parts of British society – the police, civil service etc. – have been examined through its prism and decreed to be “racist” or even “institutionally racist”.

Strange and mysterious forces have been taking part.

But back to question 1 of the quiz – who was Alan Cartwright?

Alan was 15 years old and white, killed in Caledonian Road, north London by Joshua Williams, 18 years old and black, who was attempting to steal his bicycle.

At the time – March 2015 – there was hardly a mention of the crime, and it is a year since Joshua Williams was found guilty of murder and still nothing has been heard of it since – no media campaign about black on white crime, no accusations of black “racism” towards white people, no plays, no PhD thesis about this specific event, no judicial enquiry into crime and ethnic diversity.

So, do white lives matter?

Draw your own conclusions.



Top university stole millions from taxpayers by faking global warming research


The ‘global warming/climate change’ charade is bad enough in that it is nothing more than a politically motivated “issue” used by globalists of all political stripes to gain more control over the world’s population.

But now it’s costing some citizens scarce tax dollars.

As reported by The Daily Caller, a top university in Britain has been caught stealing millions of taxpayer dollars from a federal budget that is chronically in the red just to produce phony global warming data.

A global warming research center at the London School of Economics received millions of dollars (pounds) from UK taxpayers after taking credit for research it did not perform.

The UK’s Daily Mail noted further that the UK government provided £9 million ($11 million in US dollars) in funding to the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP) in exchange for research that was never done.

Massive scientific fraud regarding ‘global warming’

A number of papers that CCCEP claimed to have published to receive government funding were not even about global warming and were written before the organization was even founded, or written by researchers who were not affiliated with the center. Worse, government officials never bothered to check CCCEP’s alleged publication lists, saying instead they were “taken on trust,” according to a recently released report.

“It is serious misconduct to claim credit for a paper you haven’t supported, and it’s fraud to use that in a bid to renew a grant,” Professor Richard Tol, a climate economics expert from Sussex University whose research was reportedly stolen by CCCEP, told the Daily Mail. “I’ve never come across anything like it before. It stinks.”

The center’s chairman since 2008 has been Nick Stern, a well-known global advocate for more policy action supposedly aimed at combating climate change. In addition he is also the president of the British Academy, an invitation-only society that is reserved for the academic elite and which disburses grant money in the millions of pounds to researchers, as well as Lord Stern’s own organization.

In recent days the CCCEP, which is jointly based at the London School of Economics and the University of Leeds, hosted a gala event that was attended by experts and officials from around the world. The occasion: A celebration to mark the 10th anniversary of the Stern Review, a 700-page report detailing the alleged economic impact of climate change, a review that was commissioned by Tony Blair’s government.

The massive paper claimed that the world must take immediate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or face dramatically higher costs in the future. The review exerted a great amount of power and influence on a series of British governments, as well as international organizations.

But now the report’s contents and conclusions are in serious doubt.

Not the first time global warming data has been FAKED

Following the Daily Mail‘s report, CCCEP spokesman Bob Ward admitted the organization had “made mistakes,” in both claiming credit for studies it did not perform and foro papers that were actually researched and published by other academics.

Academics and experts whose work was falsely represented were furious, including one who said CCCEP’s actions were “a clear case of fraud – using deception for financial gain,” The DC reported.

Studies receiving financial support from the public sector are not required to disclose it as an ethical conflict of interest, even when financial support is in the millions of dollars. The DC noted that recent studies in the United States, which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) uses to support the ‘scientific’ case for its massive new power plant regulations, the Clean Power Plan, saw the agency give $32.1 million, $9.5 million, and $3.65 million in public funds to lead authors – all of whom essentially provided the agency with the ‘results’ it wanted.