Star children – the extraterrestrial connection


How do we recognize “The bringers of light”?

There are new generations of children incarnating on our planet who are very different to previous generations. They have been given many names such as Indigo’s, Crystal children, Children of light or Star children. The children are far more multi-dimensionally aware than what is presently considered to be the ‘norm.’ Many have a deep understanding of their multidimensional reality and speak about helping humanity awaken to a higher state of consciousness. They may also be aware of contact with non-human extraterrestrial intelligences.

“There is a race of beings upon the planet, increasing in number, although visually and physically indistinguishable to most humans. They are the “the bringers of light” and are here to guide the awakening of terrestrial consciousness”

“The New Children are born without programs and will bring about a Global Awakening.”

Tracey Taylor artist /experiencer

Metaphysical groups have recognized these children and offered labels to explain the differences. However, some are labeled dysfunctional because they struggle to socialize or cope with the pressures and conditioning modern society places on them. These labels include ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) Asperger’ forms of autism and Dyslexia. However, these labels may stem from our lack of understanding of the way these generations operate or perceive reality. It appears that many struggle with the conditioning of 3D reality.

Dr Ohlson PhD, a molecular biologist, calls these individuals “letter people.” She believes she is a “letter person” i.e. Asperger’s/ADHD and has explored her multidimensional and physical sensitivities from a practical and scientific perspective.

“The programs such as ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, “ Letter people”, I do not believe are ‘broken or dysfunctional genes’ but instead offering new multidimensional skills to prevent limited re-programming of a third dimensional reality.

The “Letter“ people show an impairment in communication between the brain-halves and thus use one side of the brain for solving the same problem. Although it is thought they are dysfunctional’ however it may be a way to free more space in the brain for solving difficult tasks. The Asperger part might be responsible for ‘higher‘ knowledge, not interested in traditional learning”

Dr Ohlson brings two important perspectives to this phenomenon the perspective of the soul journey, and our extraterrestrial star origins.

” It is not so simple as foreign DNA. It’s a combination of genetically improved bodies, in combination with souls from different places in our Universe, incarnating in these ‘improved ‘ bodies. The souls have different frequencies/vibrations depending on their evolutionary status and that plays a role in activation of the DNA in that particular body. I believe we also have to take into account the collective soul of Homo sapiens.

The ‘letter people” have above normal sensory cells on the skin
They hear above normal range
They are aware of minute differences in the shades of colour than normal
Taste and smell enhanced
Sensitive to all frequencies and can be overwhelmed by sensory overload
Sensitive to radioactive radiation as well as energy fields and energy beaming from angry people or animals.”

Dr Ohlson has observed that calculated levels of Acetylcholine and dopamine in the brain is higher in “Letter people” and suggests ways to help these children cope with the 3 D challenges. “Letter people” need extra help nutritionally to cope, plus multi-vitamin and mineral supplements:

  • She explains that Acetylcholine is formed from choline in the vitamin B family and ‘letter people’ need more choline, but also other vitamin B members because they use more of it. This is the simplicity behind the ‘cure’ she states:
  • Vitamin D3 50 microgram/day, Vitamin C 1-2grams/day
  • Occasionally they may need Silica gel for the stomach and nervous system and probiotic for the intestinal flora.
  • For the nervous system and brain (running all the functions in the body this is crucial) Vitamin B´s in a complex /day (25 mg each of B1, B2, B6, PABA, Inositol)(50 mg each of B3, B5, Cholin) (50 microgram of B12, 25 microgram B15, 150 microgram Biotin and 200 micrograms Folic acid). [Note: In most vitamin B´s this is over recommended daily intake but her family have taken this daily for more than 10 years with no side effects but becoming healthier.]
  • Omega oil 3,6,9
  • MSM (methyl-sulfonulmethane): Initially start with few grains to the maximum dose of two tsp. daily. This supports the enzymatic reactions in the brain and the formation of acetylcholine from Choline. Best to be taken morning or during daytime because it gives energy and can keep the person awake in the night.
  • For the prevention of anxiety take Valerian officinalis between 200mg/ day and 1200mg/day, and for depression Hypericum officinalis (between 600mg/day and 900mg/day).

Ufologist researcher Neil Gould, author of Close Encounters of the ADHD Kind, explained in his book he was diagnosed as ADHD later in life. He recalls that he always perceived reality differently and that’s why he struggled in such a heavily programmed 3D world. He re-interprets the ADHD label as “Always Dialed to Higher Dimensions.”

I believe that Neil’s interpretation is far more accurate and it coincides with Molecular Biologist Ds William Brown who also recognizes the New Human Phenomenon and the modification in our genetic codes occurring now.

I believe genetic modifications occurring right now in Utero are actually producing “New Humans.” Their NEW genetic architecture allows them to see the world in a multidimensional fashion. I believe research would show dormant genetic regions are being integrated into the biological systems and occurring in all of us to produce expanded awareness. There is an exponential increase in ADD, Autistic and Indigo children. Their brains work faster and I believe they already ‘KNOW‘ what they are being taught. The ‘intrinsic’ understanding of knowledge and information operates at bio-molecular level, its trans-generational information. It is “encoded” within the atomic structure of the DNA molecule. It can be accessed more efficiently to produce savant like characteristics. The modification of the DNA is more like a remodeling of the genome to make dormant regions accessible again.

Extraterrestrial visitation is a very important factor as it is known these ‘intelligences’ are very interested in human DNA and research suggests they have been involved in changes to human DNA. Therefore its only logical and may well explain some of the ‘differences’ we are observing in the New Human behaviors. I believe it is a logical to assume this is directly related to human encounters with non-human intelligences. My hypotheses stems from twenty years of research into extraterrestrial encounter phenomena and 3,000 cases.

The children have conscious recall of their time on space ships often their planet of origin and their ‘mission.’

Subjects related to:

  • Their true origins, i.e. Star family
  • Past lives on other planets
  • Their mission on planet earth
  • The true history of this planet and origins of humanity:
  • They have conscious recall of being taken on spacecraft, and what they learn on the spaceships.
  • The multidimensional skills enhanced by education on the space schools.
  • What is really going on re covert programs and hidden agendas?
  • The purpose of certain ancient sites and technologies
  • Able to translate some of the star languages and scripts both in the language and translate back into English, and also the source of this information:
  • Decode some of the symbols and art work from Et encounters
  • Can connect to all living and inanimate forms on a multidimensional level, animals, plants, and minerals.
  • Healing abilities
  • Write unusual scripts, speak star languages and draw symbols, and beings they interact with

From my research this is a global phenomenon and these children are in all cultures. They are demonstrating their multidimensional skills:

  • Perceiving spirits
  • Energy fields
  • Extra-terrestrials
  • Remote influencing
  • Telepathic abilities
  • Knowledge they have not consciously learnt
  • Healing abilities
  • Universal spirituality
  • Telekinetic ability’s
  • Precognition (seeing future events)

Paul Dong and Thomas E. Raffill also mention some of the psychic abilities mentioned above in China’s Super Psychics. They label this phenomenon, EMF (Extra Human Functions) or HAS (High sense abilities.). The children however are now identified in many cultures, primarily seen as super psychics without the understanding that there may be alterations that are not due to natural evolution but through extraterrestrial intelligences.

The late Dr Roger Leir a pioneer in Ufology most known for his work removing implanted objects after extraterrestrial encounters. Dr Leir was convinced humanity was being ‘upgraded’ though their contact and interactions with extraterrestrial beings.

“I have come to the conclusion that not only are there star children amongst us, but the entire human race has been advanced forward at a rate that is unlikely to be due to slow evolutionary forces, but far more likely that this rapid advancement of the human species is due to alien intervention of our bodies and minds.“

Dr Roger Leir, The Aliens and the Scalpel

The struggle for the New Human is to operate and function when their awareness and understanding is not understood or acknowledged. This may manifest as arrogance or frustration, but most often, it is more a sadness, or confusion. They can feel their star family has left them and struggle to be here adjust want to go home. It can be overwhelming and lead a conscious or unconscious desire to dumb themselves down with alcohol, drugs or vacate through suicide.

It is important that humanity recognizes this evolutionary leap in human consciousness to recognize these new generations are different for a good reason and we need to listen to what they have to tell us they truly are the ‘way showers’ to an evolving humanity.

The New Human is here:

“ Adults have small ears they don’t want hear the messages we try to tell you. Why don’t they listen!”
A 9-year-old NEW HUMAN who speaks star languages to heal water.

Apollo astronaut Eugene Cernan, last man to walk on the moon dies at 82


U.S. astronaut Gene Cernan, who as the commander of the final Apollo lunar landing mission in 1972 became known as the “last man on the moon,” died on Monday (Jan. 16). He was 82.

NASA confirmed Cernan’s death on its website and social media channels, noting he was surrounded by his family at the time he died. The cause of death was not stated, but he was known to have been ill in recent months.

“We are saddened by the loss of retired NASA astronaut Gene Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon,” NASA wrote. “A captain in the U.S. Navy, [he] left his mark on the history of exploration by flying three times in space, twice to the moon.” [In Pictures: Astronaut Eugene Cernan Remembered]

Cernan was chosen with NASA’s third group of astronauts in 1963. His first spaceflight, Gemini 9A, came three years later, after he and Thomas Stafford replaced Elliot See and Charles Bassett in the wake of a jet crash that claimed the original crew members’ lives.

As the pilot of NASA’s seventh Gemini Flight — a three-day mission in Earth orbit that rendezvoused but failed to dock with an unmanned target vehicle, Cernan became only the second American astronaut to go out on an extra-vehicular activity (EVA). The two-hour spacewalk though, nearly cost him his life.

Apollo astronaut Gene Cernan, seen here aboard the lunar module on the moon in 1972, died on Jan. 16, 2017. He was 82. Credit: NASA

‘Spacewalk from hell’

“So, you know about that spacewalk from hell,” remarked Cernan in a 2007 NASA interview, referring to his Gemini 9 EVA on June 5, 1966.

Finding it difficult to bend wearing a pressurized spacesuit, Cernan struggled to maneuver outside the two-seat space capsule, tumbling uncontrollably while trailing an umbilical. Lacking the handrails that would become common on later spacecraft, Cernan slowly climbed to the aft of the Gemini to don and test the Astronaut Maneuvering Unit (AMU), an early predecessor to the jetpacks astronauts demonstrated in the years to come.

Cernan’s AMU flight, however, was not to be. The cooling system for his spacesuit overheated, causing his helmet’s faceplate to fog. With no way to wipe it clear, he could not see. Exhausted and practically blind, Cernan managed to find his way back to his seat and, with Stafford’s help, re-entered the spacecraft.

After orbiting the Earth 47 times during the course of their three days in space, Cernan and Stafford splashed down safely to be recovered by the USS Wasp aircraft carrier on June 6, 1966. [NASA’s 17 Apollo Moon Missions in Pictures]

Gene Cernan seen becoming only the second American to conduct a spacewalk during the Gemini 9A mission in June 1966. Credit: NASA

‘White line in the sky’

The Gemini 9 crewmates re-teamed three years later — this time with a third astronaut, John Young — to launch on a dress rehearsal for the first moon landing on May 18, 1969. As lunar module pilot aboard Apollo 10, Cernan and Stafford flew the four-legged lander named “Snoopy” to an altitude of just 8.4 miles (15.6 kilometers) above the moon, the point where the next crew would descend to a landing.

“I keep telling Neil Armstrong that we painted that white line in the sky all the way to the moon down to 47,000 feet so he would not get lost, and all he had to do was land,” Cernan said in his NASA oral history. “Made it sort of easy for him.”

Again though, Cernan skirted disaster. After jettisoning the descent stage and igniting the ascent engine to return to the command module “Charlie Brown,” the lunar module unexpectedly began to turn and roll, a situation that could have led to the Cernan and Stafford crashing to the moon. The two astronauts had accidentally left the lander’s abort mode in “auto” for staging. Stafford was able to take over manual control and regained the proper attitude. [Watch – Moon Shots: Astronauts Remember]

The three Apollo 10 crewmates safely splashed down on May 26, 1969, eight days after they left Earth for the moon.

Apollo 17 astronaut Gene Cernan, the last man on the moon, seen on the lunar surface in December 1972. Credit: NASA

‘America’s challenge of today’

Only 24 people in history have voyaged to the moon and only three of them have flown there twice: Jim Lovell, John Young and Cernan.

But Cernan had to survive one more near-death incident before he could launch on his third and what was perhaps his most historic spaceflight.

On Jan. 23, 1971, Cernan was flying a Bell 47G helicopter as part of his training for landing on the moon, when he dipped too low and crashed into the Indian River at Cape Canaveral, nearly drowning. He walked away with second degree burns on his face and singed hair, and came close to being grounded by NASA.

NASA’s last crewed mission to the moon however, lifted off on the first U.S. night launch on Dec. 7, 1972, with Cernan in the commander’s seat. Four days later, he and Harrison Schmitt landed the Apollo 17 lunar module, Challenger, in the moon’s Taurus-Littrow valley, as Ron Evans orbited on board the command module, America.

Over the course of three moonwalks, Cernan and Schmitt, the latter the only geologist to visit the moon, collected 741 rock and soil samples, including the only orange volcanic glass to be returned to Earth and the “goodwill moon rock” presented on behalf of the U.S. to more than 130 nations around the world. The Apollo 17 moonwalkers became the last to drive the lunar roving vehicle (LRV) and set several records, including one for the longest time spent outside on the moon’s surface (22 hours and 6 minutes).

“America’s challenge of today has forged man’s destiny of tomorrow,” said Cernan before launching for Earth. “As we leave the moon and Taurus-Littrow, we leave as we came, and, God willing, we shall return, with peace and hope for all mankind.”

On their way to the moon, Cernan and his crewmates captured the first photo of Earth’s face fully illuminated, a now iconic image referred to by some as the “Blue Marble.”

The three astronauts splashed down on Dec. 19, 1972, for a mission duration of 12 days, 13 hours and 51 minutes.

In total, Cernan logged 23 days, 14 hours and 15 minutes in space, including more than 24 hours on one spacewalk and three moonwalks.

‘Last Man on the Moon’

Eugene Andrew “Gene” Cernan was born in Chicago, Ill., on March 14, 1934. He earned his bachelor of science in electrical engineering from Purdue University in Indiana in 1956 and a master of science in aeronautical engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School in California in 1963.

Commissioned in the Navy through the ROTC program at Purdue, he entered flight training upon graduation. Serving as a Naval Aviator for 13 years, Capt. Cernan retired from the Navy having logged more than 5,000 hours flying time, including 4,800 hours in jets and over 200 carrier landings.

Before retiring from NASA in 1976, Cernan assisted in the planning for the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (ASTP), serving as the senior negotiator in direct discussion with the former Soviet Union in support of the historic joint mission.

Initially joining Coral Petroleum of Houston as an executive vice president, Cernan established his own company, The Cernan Corporation, in 1981 to provide consulting services for energy, aerospace and other related industries. He also served as chairman of the board for Johnson Engineering, prior to its acquisition by Spacehab (later Astrotech).

In 1999, Cernan published his memoir, “The Last Man on the Moon,” with coauthor Donald Davis, covering his naval and NASA career. The book later served as the basis for a feature-length documentary by the same title, directed by British filmmaker Mark Craig.

Cernan was married to Barbara Jean Atchley from 1961 to 1981, with whom he had a daughter, Tracy. In 1987, he re-married and with Jan Cernan had two daughters, Kelly and Danielle.

The recipient of multiple awards and honorary doctorates, Cernan was bestowed the Distinguished Flying Cross and NASA Distinguished Service Medal, among other honors. Cernan was inducted in the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame in 1993 and the National Aviation Hall of Fame in 2000.

In 2016, he was presented the Neil Armstrong Outstanding Achievement Award by the National Aviation Hall of Fame, in part to honor his advocacy for “personal empowerment and development, especially among youth,” as well as his support for the revival of U.S. human space exploration.

“I’ve said for a long time [and] I still believe it, it’s going to be — well it’s almost 50 now — but fifty or a hundred years in the history of mankind before we look back and really understand the meaning of Apollo,” stated Cernan in 2007. “We did it way too early considering what we’re doing now in space.”

“It’s almost as if JFK [President John F. Kennedy] reached out into the 21st century where we are today, grabbed hold of a decade of time, slipped it neatly into the 60s and 70s and called it Apollo,” he said.

Bizarre humanoid discovered after Tunguska event

tunguskaEvenkiya area, Krasnoyarsk region, East Siberia, Russia,
June, 1908.

According to data allegedly obtained by a scientific expedition in 1927 to the area of the Tunguska explosion (which occurred on June 30, 1908) just after the catastrophe, an Evenkian resident of a local hamlet reportedly encountered a bizarre creature, which he apparently captured and took to his home.

According to the description, the entity resembled more a “devil” than a human being. It was dwarf-like, a little more than a meter in height, with large green eyes, smooth shiny skin, with some protrusions on its forehead area and with a short tail.

The local man kept the creature in his cattle shed. He told the other residents of the village that he had found the creature in a clearing amid a dense pine forest. The creature was reportedly injured and very weakened.

Despite the protests of his neighbors the man cared for the creature, feeding it and even taking it out for walks at night. (!) As a result of this all the local dogs from the village went into a barking frenzy while the creature was outside. Then the creature mysteriously vanished. The man claimed that the entity had “walked away into the forest.”

Soon after the man was stricken with an unknown illness, his hair and teeth began to fall out and he lost a lot of weight, he became very thin and eventually died (radiation illness?).

UFO spotted on lunar live stream?

Anomaly hunters watching a live stream of the moon from the Miami Observatory believe they spotted a UFO briefly flying into view.

The footage, taken from a broadcast on December 3rd, initially appears to be a rather mundane look at the lunar surface.

However, that all changes when a dark, circular anomaly suddenly flies across the screen.

As one might expect, UFO enthusiasts contend that the object is not of human origin and, thus, is some kind of alien vehicle.

Their reasoning is that the mysterious sphere lacks any evidence of solar panels nor an antenna which would indicate that it came from Earth.

Skeptics, no doubt, will chalk the event up to a technical error or celestial misidentification.

What may be most striking about the unknown object is that it bears an uncanny resemblance to a distinctly circular UFO also filmed flying over the lunar surface during last month’s supermoon.

The recurring appearance of this specific type of ‘UFO’ suggests that there may, indeed, be a terrestrial explanation for the ‘flying saucers,’ although such a solution has yet to be offered from scientists.