Homeless families housed in Pontins holiday camp because of immigration as council reveals waiting list for new homes reaches “breaking point”

Flintshire Council is using Pontins to house homeless families (Image: Getty Images Europe)

A council is using a holiday camp to house homeless people because the system is “at breaking point”.

Flintshire council uses the Pontins Holiday Camp in Prestatyn, north Wales to put locals up in an emergency as pressures on the housing waiting list grows.

According to local authority officials, the number of people waiting for a council home across the county since September has grown by a third.

Clare Budden, the council’s community and enterprise chief officer, said: “There are currently just over 1,600 people on Flintshire County Council’s waiting list for housing.

Clare Budden says the holiday camp is sometimes used where emergency accommodation is needed(Image: @ClareBudden/Twitter WS)
The camp in Prestatyn is being used to accommodate larger families (Image: Daily Post Wales)

“This compares with just over 1,200 at the end of September 2016 demonstrating the growing need for social housing in the area.

“The council occasionally uses Pontins at Prestatyn for short stays to accommodate people in need of emergency accommodation say after a fire or where rented accommodation is deemed unsuitable for health and safety.

Cllr Bernie Attridge, the authority’s lead member for housing and deputy council leader, said pressures were mounting on the housing service.

The homeless service is at breaking point

The camp is being used as the authority’s homeless service reaches “breaking point” (Image: Redferns)

“Pontins is only used to put larger families up in an emergency where bed and breakfast would not be appropriate and they need cooking facilities.

“There is increasing pressure on the council house waiting list which is being caused by austerity and demand seems to be outstripping supply.


Anger after ‘No whites allowed after 8pm’ is daubed on wall

Anger after 'No whites allowed after 8pm' is daubed on wall
The racist graffiti which appeared in Alum Rock in Birmingham has been condemned by locals (Picture: News Dog Media)

Racist graffiti has emerged on a wall in Birmingham that suggests white people aren’t welcome to the area.

The writing says ‘no whites allowed after 8am’ and it appeared in the inner-city neighbourhood of Alum Rock.
The original post on Brumz Updates said: ‘This is Birmingham, not South Africa. It don’t matter if you’re brown, black, white or fucking green, just no need for it – you always get one idiot regardless of their skin colour trying to cause divide for others.’It appeared on August 13 and attempts have been made to cover the word ‘whites’, but it was still partially visible yesterday.

The post has since been deleted.

Anger after 'No whites allowed after 8pm' is daubed on wall
Somebody tried to cover up the word ‘whites’ (Picture: News Dog Media)
Anger after 'No whites allowed after 8pm' is daubed on wall
‘Whoever has done this needs to know that they do not have any support from the local community.’ (Picture: Birmingham Mail)

Shelagh Cannon commented on an image posted online saying: ‘It’s a sad truth that these Ghettos are probably here to stay. Lots of new people in the country who have absolutely no intention of integrating. Very sad!’

Labour councillor Ansar Ali Khan said similar graffiti had emerged in the form of lampposts in recent years.
‘It is unacceptable to have such divisive signs in a diverse community like Washwood Heath which embraces people of all colour and walks of life.He told the Birmingham Mail: ‘Whoever has done this needs to know that they do not have any support from the local community.

‘We cannot allow people to get away with this. They are trying to foment trouble in our peaceful neighbourhoods.

‘The community here has strong bonds and together we need to remain vigilant and root out the racists amongst us.’

5 Most Tragic Wrongful Convictions in British History

Its hard to imagine the pain when someone you love is murdered or dies in suspicious circumstances. However, just as hard to imagine is when someone is tried and convicted for a crime they did not commit.

Here we look at five cases of British miscarriages of justice when one of the best Judicial Systems in the world gets it tragically wrong.

5 Timothy Evans

Timothy Evans

Timothy Evans was born in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales in 1924 and during the 1930’s moved to London with his family. In 1947 he married Beryl Thorley, and the couple moved into the top floor flat of 10 Rillington Place. They later befriended John Christie and his wife who lived in the ground floor flat, but unbeknown to them Christie had already killed two women and buried them in the garden.

Timothy and Beryl had a child called Geraldine, born in October 1948. Just over a year after her birth, Beryl fell pregnant again. Due to financial problems she suggested an illegal abortion. Timothy reluctantly agreed, and Christie offered to perform it. Tragically by the end of that day, both Beryl and Geraldine were dead.

Timothy known to be of low intelligence was told by Christie that Beryl had died during the illegal abortion that he had tried to perform and that he had arranged for baby Geraldine to be adopted. In November 1948 a distraught and confused Evans returned to Merthyr and due to his guilt over agreeing the abortion, he confessed to murdering his wife. As a result of his confession, the police never investigated the possibility anyone else was responsible for their deaths.

After a second search of Rillington Place, the bodies of Beryl and baby Geraldine were found strangled in the outhouse, but unbelievably the other two women Christie Killed were not found during this search.

Under intense and aggressive questioning by police, Evans changed his story several times with police seeing this as a sign of dishonesty.

Evans was known to have a wild imagination and often made things up. Often pretending he was something he was not. This ultimately sealed his fate. The police made the evidence fit his outlandish stories even though they couldn’t possibly be true. Timothy Evans was Hanged on 9th March 1950, protesting his innocence to the end. At the time the case had little impact, as the evidence given against Timothy in court, especially the damming accounts Christie and his wife gave about his volatile relationship with his wife, led people to think it was an open and shut case.

In 1953 John Christie moved out of 10 Rillington Place, and when the new tenants peeled back the wallpaper in the flat it revealed three bodies. Christie later confessed to 7 murders in total, including Beryl and his own wife, although he never admitted killing Baby Geraldine. He was hanged in 1953 by the same hangman who hanged poor innocent Timothy Evans.

4 Stefan Kiszko

Stefan Kiszko

The tragic case of Stefan Kiszko is often referred to as Britain’s worst ever miscarriage of justice. It highlights how there is sometimes more than one victim in a murder case.

Stefan worked as a Tax Clerk in Rochdale, England; he suffered from a condition called XYY syndrome, an ailment that causes growth abnormalities and minor behaviour problems. Described as a gentle giant with a childlike mind, Stefan was a social misfit who spent most of his time with his mother.

He had an unusual hobby of writing down car registration numbers if he felt the driver had annoyed him. This in part led to his wrongful conviction, as he had unwittingly jotted down the car registration number of the killer of 11-year-old Lesley Molseed. The little girl was stabbed 12 times and sexually assaulted before being dumped on moors in West Yorkshire, England.

In December 1975 police arrested and charged Stefan Kiszko with her murder. Stefan had never been in trouble before and frightened and confused Stefan confessed to the murder believing he would then be allowed to go home to his mother. He later said police had bullied him into a confession.

In court, several witnesses testified against him in particular four young girls who convinced the jury that Stefan had exposed himself to them on several occasions. This they later confessed was totally untrue, but they said it for a “laugh”. On 21 July 1976 Stefan was found guilty of Lesley’s murder, and jailed for life.

His mother campaigned tirelessly for his release, and after 14 years his lawyer managed to get the case reopened. With advances in forensics and new evidence being examined, it was proved beyond doubt that Stefan could not have been the murderer. Stefan was finally released in 1992, but the ordeal of prison had taken its toll, Stefan had been mercilessly attacked several times by other inmates, and the years of incarceration had physically and mentally destroyed him.

A year after his release at the age of just 41, Stefan died of a massive heart attack. Sadly six months later his mother, who had fought so hard to get him home, also passed away.

In 2007 the real Killer of Lesley Molseed, taxi driver Ronald Castree was jailed for life.

3 Sally Clark

Sally Clark

Sally Clark was a British solicitor who in November 1999 was given two life sentences for killing her sons; Christopher aged 11 weeks, and eight week old Harry. Sally’s conviction was secured on the evidence of one man, Professor Sir Roy Meadow. In court, he stated that the chances of two babies dying of cot death in such an affluent family was 73 million to one.

Sally’s first son died suddenly a few weeks after birth in 1996. This death was recorded as a tragic cot death. In December 1998 her second son died in a similar manner. This death led to Sally being arrested for murder and subsequently jailed.

Sally’s first appeal in October 2000 upheld her conviction, but in January 2003 a second appeal overturned her conviction after it emerged key evidence about one of her sons revealed he had died of Natural causes.

Sally was released from prison in 2003. The three years she was locked up had been traumatic. Sally had been a target for other prisoners, due to the nature of her alleged crime. On the day Mrs Clarke was released it was clear to see the toll it had taken, her appearance had changed dramatically, her eyes looked deadened and her weight loss was very evident. It was clear just from these physical signs that Sally Clark would never be the same again. Sally was no longer the loving devoted mother, wife and daughter, her life had been irrevocably destroyed.

After her release sadly Sally was unable to come to terms with her ordeal, suffering from mental illness and relying heavily on Alcohol, she was never able to return to the happy, generous person everybody loved and on March 16th, 2007 Sally was found dead in bed by her cleaner. Sally had consumed the equivalent of five times the drink drive limit. Her cause of death was reported as acute alcohol intoxication.

At the time her husband, who had stood by her throughout, said it was hardly surprising her life had ended in such a tragic way. Sally was just 42.

2 Derek Bentley

Derek Bentley

Derek Bentley was born in Bristol, England in 1933. On January 1953, at the age of 19, Derek was hanged for the murder of a police officer.

The murder was actually committed by Derek’s accomplish 16-year-old Christopher Craig. However the law of the land at this time was able to convict Derek as a “party to the murder”. This was based on the judge’s interpretation of the phrase “let him have it” Bentleys alleged instruction to Craig, was seen as mentally aiding the murder of PC Sidney Miles.

On 2nd November Bentley and his sixteen-year-old companion, Christopher Craig attempted to burgle a warehouse in Croydon. Craig was armed with a revolver, and Bentley carried a knife and a knuckle duster. Both of these items were given to him by Craig. When the Police arrived Craig started taunting them, one of the officers grabbed Bentley, but he broke free.

What happened next is open to debate. One of the officers asked Craig to hand over his gun, at this point, Bentley shouted the phrase “let him have it” Chris! Craig then fired his revolver hitting one police officer in the shoulder. Another group of officers then arrived, one of these officers was PC Sidney Miles. Craig then fired a shot at Sydney’s head killing him instantly.

Both men were charged with murder, even though Bentley didn’t even take his weapons out of his pocket. Because Craig was under 18, it was the mentally challenged Bentley that was hanged.

Bentley’s death led to a 45-year campaign to get his conviction overturned; he was eventually given a posthumous pardon in 1998.

1 Stephen Downing

Stephen Downing

Wendy Sewell was attacked in Bakewell Cemetery in broad daylight on 12 Sept 1973, she was beaten with a pick axe handle and sexually assaulted. Wendy died two days later from her terrible injuries.

17-year-old Stephen Downing worked at the Cemetery and had found Wendy lying on the ground. As he tried to wake her, blood got on his clothes. Stephen soon became the prime suspect for her murder. He was taken to the police station and questioned for nine hours, and at no time was a solicitor present. Stephen then signed a confession even though he only had a reading age of 11.

Downing pleaded not guilty at his trial. Despite this, Downing was found guilty by all members of the jury and was sentenced to be detained indefinitely. Downing never became eligible for parole as he refused to admit he had killed Wendy, he spent 27 years in jail, and lost several appeals, throughout this period he protested his innocence.

Finally in 2001 Downing was released on appeal, and in 2002 the court of appeal overturned his conviction, finding it to be unsafe.

The case is thought to be the longest miscarriage of justice in British History. No one has ever been convicted of Wendy Sewell’s murder, although recent investigations have linked the Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe to the killing. There are those who believe there has been a cover up and someone knows who the killer is but is protecting them.

As for Stephen, he has found life hard since his release. Despite being compensated for the years he spent in prison, Stephen spends his day watching TV, gardening and looking after his 82-year-old Mother.

Stephen has been quoted as saying “I don’t really have much of life, yes I am free… but I am still paying for a crime I didn’t commit.”

Emily Bowen jailed for scarring classmate with acid in row over boy

Pictured: Schoolgirl jailed for scarring classmate with acid in row over boy
Emily Bowen admitted the charges

A teenage schoolgirl who left a classmate scarred after an acid attack has been jailed.

Emily Bowen poured drain cleaner into a viola case owned by school pupil Molly Young after she had found out the girl had started dating a former boyfriend.

The instrument was destroyed and Ms Young was severely injured when she pulled her viola case from a shelf and the acidic liquid poured over her legs.

The victim was left ‘screaming in pain’ as the acidic drain cleaner burned her clothes and onto her skin during the incident at a music room at Knox Academy, in Haddington, East Lothian.

Bowen, now 18, admitted to recklessly and culpably pouring sulphuric acid into a viola case in the knowledge it would be removed from a shelf by the victim causing sulphuric acid to spill onto her legs, all to her injury and permanent disfigurement, at Knox Academy, Haddington, East Lothian, on September 29 last year.

She appeared back at Edinburgh Sheriff Court for sentencing where a sheriff described the acid attack as ‘utterly wicked’.

Pictured: Schoolgirl jailed for scarring classmate with acid in row over boy
Molly Young is still suffering after the incident

Sheriff Michael O’Grady QC said: ‘In the period leading up to these events you actually researched this topic and you of all people should have been aware of the potentially horrendous consequences for any young woman maimed by this mechanism.

‘You have left a young woman to suffer a terrifying ordeal and she will be both physically and mentally scarred for the rest of her life.’

Bowen planned the revenge attack and bought a bottle of drain cleaner online last September and hid it in her school locker.

She then sneaked into the school’s music room where all the pupil’s instruments are stored and poured the drain cleaner – which contained 91% sulphuric acid – into Ms Young’s viola case.

But the plan to destroy her love rival’s instrument went wrong when the acid poured from the case onto the girl’s legs leaving her with horrific injuries and subsequently suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Sheriff O’Grady said he had no option but to jail the 18-year-old acid attacker for 21 months.

Pictured: Schoolgirl jailed for scarring classmate with acid in row over boy
Knox Academy in East Lothian (Picture: Google maps)

He also banned Bowen from contacting her victim after sentencing her to a five year non-harassment order.

The girls were acquaintances and both were members of the East Lothian school’s orchestra before the incident.

Bowen played the clarinet while victim Molly played the viola.

The ‘talented musicians’ fell out when the victim began going out with an ex-partner of the teenage attacker.

Prosecutor Aidan Higgins said both pupils were in sixth year and in the school orchestra at the time of the offence.

West Freugh Ufo Incident!


In April 1957, while monitoring a test bombing exercise, radar units of the Ministry of Supply Bombing Trials Unit headquartered at RAF West Freugh observed the UK’s most reported UFO incident.

Awaiting a test over Luce Bay from an aircraft RAE Farnborough, the civilian radar operators of the Ministry of Supply were told to turn their sets off due to a delay.

One unit at Balscalloch near Corsewall Point did not receive the signal. They observed a large and solid unidentified echo, an almost stationary object, located above the Irish Sea. It remained stationary for 10 minutes at an initial height of 50,000 feet (15,000 m), 20 to 25 miles (40 km) north of Stranraer; its height then increased to 70,000 feet (21,000 m). The Balscalloch Unit contacted West Freugh air traffic control and informed the controller that there were now several moving targets. These were moving at speeds of thousands of miles per hour, and the echoes were like nothing the radar operator had ever seen before.

West Freugh observed the targets, as did the now switched-on Ardwell Unit (14 miles to their south), confirming the observation. After ten minutes, the position begun to move north-east at speeds gradually increasing up to 70 mph (110 km/h), and at a height of 54,000 feet (16,000 m). A third radar station then confirmed the target, and noted that after the radar echo had travelled about 20 miles (32 km), it did an “impossible” sharp turn and proceeded in a south-easterly direction whilst increasing its speed. The third station then tracked four objects at 14,000 feet (4,300 m) altitude and 4000 yards line astern from each other, which was confirmed by Balscalloch. The radar operators noted the echoes were much larger than those of normal planes, size being nearer to that of a ship.

RAF intelligence ordered radar stations throughout the UK to be on 24-hour alert. A few days later, civilian operators reported the incident to various newspapers including the Sunday Dispatch, which published the incident on 7 April 1957. An Air Ministry spokesman declined to make a detailed statement until a full report had been studied by experts, while Wing Commander Walter Whitworth, RAF West Freugh Commanding Officer, made an Air Ministry approved statement.

“I have been ordered by the Air Ministry to say nothing about the object. I am not allowed to reveal its position, course and speed. From the moment of picking it up, it was well within our area. It was an object of some substance – quite definitely not a freak. No mistake could have been made by the [Ministry of Supply] civilians operating the sets. They are fully qualified and experienced officers.”

Questions were asked in Parliament and the Air Ministry were eventually obliged to admit they were unable to explain the incident. As the incident had leaked to the press, internal RAF records were well preserved, although details of official records are protected by the Official Secrets Act However, in an RAF meeting minutes document of 1970, Whitworth additionally commented that:

“After remaining stationary for a short time, the UFO began to rise vertically with no forward movement, rising rapidly to approximately 60,000 feet (18,000 m) in much less than a minute. The UFO then began to move in an easterly direction, slowly at first but later accelerating very fast and traveling towards Newton Stewart, losing height on the way. Suddenly the UFO turned to the southeast, picking up speed to 240 mph (390 km/h) as it moved towards the Isle of Man. It was at this stage that the radar signals became contradictory. Balscalloch tracked a single ‘object’ at high altitude while Ardwell picked up what appeared to be four separate objects moving line astern behind each other at a height of 14,000 feet (4,300 m). As the echoes disappeared; all three radars fleetingly traced the four smaller UFOs ‘trailing’ behind the larger object. The UFO had been tracked for 36 minutes.”

The station was also used, during the Summer of 1957, to house airmen deployed on Operation Hardrock, which was the name given to establishing a rocket tracking station on the island of Hirta in the St Kilda archipelago. Airmen were driven daily to Cairnryan Military Port and those, destined for St.Kilda, were shipped out on Mk VIII LST’s (landing ship tank).

A disabled couple were sent shocking messages when they enquired about a room to rent in a shared house.

Landlord told couple on benefits to 'stop sucking the life out of this country'


Maria Brindle, 25, and her partner Liam Bellis, 24, had asked the advertiser if he accepted tenants on benefits as they both have ill health.
Maria has been unable to work due to severe back pain, while her boyfriend has Asperger’s syndrome, depression and anxiety.But after asking why they claimed benefits, Kevin Parkes told them to ‘get a job and stop sucking the life out of the country’.

But Kevin claimed Liam, 24, has depression because ‘he has not motivation’ from not having a job and Maria’s bad back was because she ‘doesn’t move all day’.

Landlord told couple on benefits to 'stop sucking the life out of this country'

Maria, from Portsmouth, said: ‘He was asking about what we do for a living and I explained that we receive benefits.

‘When I told him, we received benefits as we were too ill to work he asked us if my partner was going to die in the house, which is a weird question to ask anyway. It was really strange.
‘He doesn’t even know us. It’s discrimination really. Just because we received benefits it doesn’t mean he can speak to us like that.’

‘I have been to the hospital and doctors so many times and they still can’t figure out what is wrong. I take painkillers every day. Some days I can’t even get out of bed.

Landlord told couple on benefits to 'stop sucking the life out of this country'

‘My partner’s Asperger’s syndrome, depression and anxiety means that he can’t go outside and meet new people. He’s been told by the DWP that he can’t work.

‘I haven’t come across any more suitable rooms but I’m going to keep looking. No one will give us a chance.

But Kevin, 32, defended his messages and claimed he refused to work 12 hours a day ‘only for them to ‘expect [him] to pay for [their] roof alongside his’.

The dad-of-two said he refused to claim benefits when he broke his leg because ‘the country is struggling enough as it is’.

He had been advertising the property in Portsmouth for a friend and had been vetting some of the applicants to stop anyone moving in who ‘would not pay the rent’.

‘Many in this country don’t have the same work ethic as my mum or me or others who work hard their whole lives,’ Kevin said.

The full rejection message

‘I’m going to be absolutely blunt and up front right now. You both need to pull yourselves together and stop blaming ill health for your reason not to work.

‘Your boyfriend has depression because he has no motivation as he has nothing to get up for every morning and you have a bad back because you don’t move all day.

‘Do yourselves a favour and stop sucking the life out of this country. I’m not saying this to be hateful or nasty but it’s the truth.

‘Why should I be out of the house 12 hours a day, five days a week and pay for myself to live on this planet when you expect me to pay for your roof alongside mine.

‘If you both pulled your fingers out you might feel better about yourselves and each other.

‘I’ve had my say to help you, not to amuse myself.’


‘A lot of people can’t get off their arses and get to work. People are out there with genuine physical and mental health problems and that’s what the extra money is for.

‘But bone idle and lazy people shouldn’t have it.

‘My friend claims benefits and he has never worked a day in his life. He has seven children and he is still breeding. He says he will keep getting more money and so he will keep on breeding.